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Ergodyne Ditches The Catalog

Seriously! Ergodyne is no longer publishing a catalog, but …

It’s now called The 2013 Workbook. Radically different, it’s an in-market tool for sellers and customers alike.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s in store for you:

  • 2013 is our 30th Anniversary, so we are using “XXX” as a sub-theme (and who doesn’t love the snarky opportunities that “XXX” presents to us! :)
  • There are 18 additional pages in the 2013 edition from the 2012 Catalog. The increase supports product innovation, additional educational content, the introduction of ‘collections’ pages and provides an opportunity to drive home our brand in a variety of other ways.
    • NEW: We enhanced the feel and durability of the Workbook by increasing the weight of the pages and also the cover stock.
    • NEW: Case pack quantities were added to products this year to further improve the customer experience.
    • NEW: Capacity icons were added to provide the reader a visual reference of which bag is bigger/smaller to assist in their decision-making.
    • NEW: You’ll see a LOT of new photography this year that gives our XXX edition more depth and authenticity. You’ll even recognize some new faces, too.
    • NEW: A “Safety At Heights” and “FR” Collection were added to provide an easy, quick reference of our products [across the 3 pillars] that support these two safety concerns.

The anticipated arrival of The 2013 Workbook to our warehouse is October 18th. To ensure that our customers get it right away, a direct mailing of the XXX edition to our scrubbed CRM list is being managed externally with delivery by the end of the month; and what’s important to know is that we’ve wrapped it in ‘discreet brown paper’ and printed “XXX” on the outside of the brown paper.

Ergodyne 2013 Workbook picture

Tenacious Tester Tower Climb in Wanamingo MN

Tenacious Tester Tower Climb in Wanamingo MN

How many CEO’s climb a cell tower?

Providing authenticity for the Ergodyne product. Authentic Real Information from the workers in the field.