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3450 Sabin Brown Rd.
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Phone:(800) 992-3833
Ships from: Larrabee,Factory


Since 1925, Benner - Nawman has been providing its customers with the highest quality
products – Today, BN Products USA has increased their offerings from rebar bending and cutting tools to varied tools such as mixers and hand tools to get jobs done faster and easier. We proudly sell this product with complete confidence and you will too!


Construction, Rental

  • Portable Rebar Cutters
  • Portable Rebar Benders
  • Robo Joiner Tool
  • Combination Rebar Tools
  • Manual Cutter/Bender
  • Portable Saws
  • Portable Mixers & Sanders
  • Rebar Tier
  • Hand Tools