Louisville New Fiberglass Cross-Step ladder FXS1400HD Series


  • V-Shaped Pro Top The non-marring bonded rubber tread protects the work surface and creates a slip resistant grip when placed on buildings, walls, poles and inside - outside corners. (Patented by Louisville)
  • Latch The unique and innovative locking mechanism, allows positioning as a straight ladder. When unlocked, this shelf ladder now sets up as a step ladder.
  • SHOX, the impact absorption mechanism protects fiberglass and the step. (Patented by Louisville)
  • Raptor Boot is a slip resistant heavy duty shoe with a bonded tread to increase the stability of the ladder and the upper boot protects the fiberglass railing. (Patented by Louisville)
  • Inside Spreader Braces for protection during transport.
  • ProTop with a curved ergonomic front, magnet and tool slots allowing quick and easy access to your tools and work materials. (Patented by Louisville)
  • Every step on the ladder has: Wide back braces on the back section for rigidity. The angles of the step ladder allow the capability to get in 6” closer to the work area.


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