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SafeWaze is a comprehensive line of high performance fall protection products that includes lifelines, lanyards, anchors, and rescue systems. The SafeWaze line features high quality Class A and Class B retractable lifelines, energy absorbing lanyards, anchors and anchor straps, along with other fall arrest items that are ideal complements for the Pro+, Pro, and V-Line product lines.

SafeWaze Pro Plus is a premium line of fall protection products. The Pro Plus line features high end harnesses made with our Flex material, quick connect and release, and optional extra padding which are ideal for those who are looking for maximum comfort and mobility. This series also includes products and accessories designed for specific industries including: wind energy, oil & gas, solar, utilities, and welding.

SafeWaze Pro is a versatile line of high-performing fall protection products at a competitive price. The Pro line of harnesses features high quality, high performance materials with a variety of connection and adjustability features which are ideal for those who are looking for added comfort.

SafeWaze V-Line is a diverse and economical line of fall protection products. The V-Line line of harnesses are made with quality materials and are ideal for those who are looking to achieve compliance with a value priced product.

SafeWaze SafeLink is a comprehensive four-person horizontal lifeline system specifically designed for low clearance work spaces. The SafeLink system includes crucial components needed to work safely in horizontal, low clearance, and leading edge environments.


  • Harnesses Kits (Pro, Heavyweight, & Vline)
  • Retractables & Lanyards
  • Anchors / Specialty Horizontal Lifeline Kits
  • Mobile SafeLink Horizontal Lifeline
  • Rescue & Confined Space


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